buy lasix diuretic Giselle Mosley was raised in Sepetiba, a little small town in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her wonderful relationship with her grandfather was her motivation to begin singing. At just 7 years old Giselle used to sing and dance on top of her coffee table and perform for her Grandfather.  Her Grandfather loved it so much and planted the seed in her heart for song writing and singing.

Our site As a teen Giselle begin to expand her passion and her inspiration was Madonna. She was constantly singing her songs and singing to friends.

rules for dating for a christian woman As an adult , Giselle decided to do life coaching ( Development and Leadership) with Daniel Lencioni. While planning her career and working toward her life goals she discovered that her passion of singing and song writing was still there. Giselle started back singing and writing and during coaching she was determined to create 8 new songs and to close an album of 9 songs, which she already had one completed. From that point on she realized her career was just a bridge to conquer what she wanted in life.

In September Giselle started a 12 week challenge to write these songs. “I never knew this would give the shape to what I am living now” she says.